“I first want to thank everyone that has contacted my office regarding H.B. 369, also called by the proponents “The Ohio Fairness Act.” Citizen participation is a vital and a key step in the legislative process.  All bills that come before a committee in the Ohio Legislature are provided an opportunity for sponsor testimony, and in most cases receive both proponent and opponent testimony to allow both sides to plead their case before committee members.  Interested parties are likewise also provided the opportunity to address the committee and provide additional insight.

Contrary to what has been reported in social media posts and email blasts, this bill IS NOT ON THE FAST TRACK. There has been NO SCHEDULED VOTE on amendments or the bill itself.  There are no scheduled amendments or votes in the near future. The only anticipated future activity for this legislation in the near future are committee hearings, dependent upon the availability of committee members, scheduled session days, and hearing activities involving other important bills pending in the committee.

Similarly, the scheduled committee and hearings on three pieces of legislation, which included H.B. 369, for January 28 was cancelled because of an unanticipated scheduling conflict with a session of the Ohio General Assembly for the same time. Cancellation had nothing to do with the amount of constituent correspondence or anticipated testimony on H.B. 369. The demands of other pending legislation in the Ohio General Assembly involving the EdChoice program this week severely limited the availability and attention of committee members for the previously scheduled meeting agenda.

As chairman, my job is to conduct fair hearings of pending legislation. I try to follow the “golden rule”, in as much as I treat my fellow legislators and their bills with the same respect as I would want to be treated. Regardless of my final judgements or personal opinion of any particular piece of legislation, I will give equal opportunity and sufficient notice for proponents, opponents and interested parties to provide testimony to the members of the committee. I take the responsibility of conducting fair, impartial and open hearings on legislation pending in my committee very seriously.

You can watch the live stream of committee at http://ohiochannel.org/. From this link, scroll to "House Civil Justice Committee" during committee times in order to watch the proceedings. You can also attend these committee meetings in person, and I encourage you to come to the Capitol and testify before committee with your concerns. I also encourage anyone with an interest in H.B. 369 to continue communication with my office, as well as the members of the Civil Justice Committee, your concerns and opinions.”


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