State Rep. Stephen Hambley (R-Brunswick) proposed legislation that would give judicial candidates the opportunity to choose their party on general election ballots. Currently, Ohio does not allow judicial candidates to identify with a certain party for the general election.

“Even if a judicial candidate is nominated through a partisan election, they are not allowed to identify to their party on the general election ballot,” said Hambley. “Ohio already permits judicial candidates to have party affiliated advertisements and literature if they so choose. I believe it is time to give voters all the information they need to know about their judicial candidates on the ballot as they vote.”

According to a 2014 study, Ohio Judicial Elections Survey by the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics, one-half of respondents choose to not vote for judges on their ballot due to a lack of information of the judicial candidates. The study found that three-fifths of registered voters cite this as the most common reason they do not vote for judges on the ballot.

“It’s unfortunate that voters choose not to vote for certain offices because they do not have enough details on an individual running for those offices,” said Hambley.

Overall, 65 percent of those surveyed said that a party label in judicial elections would be very or somewhat helpful to voters.

“Voters have strongly indicated that allowing judicial candidates to identify their party on the ballot would be helpful to them,” said Hambley. “I stand with the people of Ohio and have introduced this legislation to ensure that our voters are as informed as possible when they go to cast their vote for judicial candidates. Providing them with more relevant and factual information means that they are more inclined to vote for these important offices.”

State Rep. Michael Skindell (D-Lakewood) has joined Hambley as a sponsor of the bill.

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