Farmers and agriculture business owners have until March 20 to take advantage of the Agricultural Linked Deposit Program (Ag-Link). 

With Ohio Ag-Week running March 8-14, State Rep. Darrell Kick (Loudonville) is informing Ohio farmers that Ag-Link is offering reduced rates for agriculture-related business loans through the Ohio Treasury.

“We want our farmers and our state to succeed,” said Kick. “By supporting our farmers and other ag-business through Ag-Link, we are continuing to strengthen Ohio’s economic development.”

Upon application and approval, Ag-Link allows farm operators and agriculture business owners to receive up to a three percent interest rate reduction on new or existing operating loans up to $150,000. This will help farmers with the costs of feed, seed, fertilizer, fuel, and inventory.

Those applying must meet the following qualifications:

                -Be organized for profit

                -Have headquarters and 51 percent of operations maintained in Ohio

                -Use the loan exclusively for agricultural purposes

                -Agree to comply with all program and financial institution regulations

Last year, the program assisted 780 farmers and agriculture businesses that lowered rates on loans for a total of more than $86.5 million.

“I am thrilled to bring this to your attention and I encourage those eligible to apply before the deadline,” said Kick.

To apply before the March 20 deadline, you can visit  or call 1-800-228-1102.

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