April 11, 2019

General Submissions :
Brian Neal Written TestimonyBrian Neal Written TestimonyDownload
Kevin Bacon TestimonyKevin Bacon TestimonyDownload
William DiMascio Written TestimonyWilliam DiMascio Written TestimonyDownload
Abby Rampe Witness SlipAbby Rampe Witness SlipDownload
Victoria Jackson TestimonyVictoria Jackson TestimonyDownload
Lindy Douglas Testimony +Witness SlipLindy Douglas Testimony + Witness SlipDownload
Darren Jenkins Witness SlipDarren Jenkins Witness SlipDownload
Rick Brooks TestimonyRick Brooks TestimonyDownload
Minutes 4.10.19Minutes 4.10.19Download
Susan Graham Written TestimonySusan Graham Written TestimonyDownload
Ann Brennan Witness SlipAnn Brennan Witness SlipDownload
Abby Rampe TestimonyAbby Rampe TestimonyDownload
Anne Sheldon Witness SlipAnne Sheldon Witness SlipDownload
Eric Resnick Witness SlipEric Resnick Witness SlipDownload
Matthew Ketcham Witness SlipMatthew Ketcham Witness SlipDownload
Eric Gordon TestimonyEric Gordon TestimonyDownload
Megan Kleidon Written TestimonyMegan Kleidon Written TestimonyDownload
Jeremy Hollon Witness SlipJeremy Hollon Witness SlipDownload
Holly Trifiro Witness SlipHolly Trifiro Witness SlipDownload
Ann Brennan TestimonyAnn Brennan TestimonyDownload
Mathew Ketcham TestimonyMathew Ketcham TestimonyDownload
Harry Snyder TestimonyHarry Snyder TestimonyDownload
Dan Dodd Witness SlipDan Dodd Witness SlipDownload
Kathy Demers TestimonyKathy Demers TestimonyDownload
Teresa Lampl Witten TestimonyTeresa Lampl Witten TestimonyDownload
Anne Sheldon TestimonyAnne Sheldon TestimonyDownload
Eric Resnick TestimonyEric Resnick TestimonyDownload
Jeremy Hollon TestimonyJeremy Hollon TestimonyDownload
Emily Hatfield Testimony Emily Hatfield Testimony Download
Victoria Jackson Witness SlipVictoria Jackson Witness SlipDownload
Dan Dodd Written Testimony Dan Dodd Written Testimony Download
Melissa Copper TestimonyMelissa Copper TestimonyDownload
Holly Trifiro TestimonyHolly Trifiro TestimonyDownload
Kevin Bacon Witness FormKevin Bacon Witness FormDownload
Dave Taylor Witness SlipDave Taylor Witness SlipDownload
Darren Jenkins TestimonyDarren Jenkins TestimonyDownload
Tracy Najera TestimonyTracy Najera TestimonyDownload
Dave Taylor TestimonyDave Taylor TestimonyDownload
Cajon Keeton Written TestimonyCajon Keeton Written TestimonyDownload

April 10, 2019

General Submissions :
Dr. Jan Osborn Witness SlipDr. Jan Osborn Witness SlipDownload
Dr. Jan Osborn TestimonyDr. Jan Osborn TestimonyDownload
Eric Baumgartner (Breakthrough) testimonyEric Baumgartner (Breakthrough) testimonyDownload
Dr. Renee Willis TestimonyDr. Renee Willis TestimonyDownload
Jocelyn Spencer Rhynard Witness SlipJocelyn Spencer Rhynard Witness SlipDownload
Christian Hobson TestimonyChristian Hobson TestimonyDownload
Tim Katz TestimonyTim Katz TestimonyDownload
Stephen Dyer TestimonyStephen Dyer TestimonyDownload
Kimberly Faulk Witness SlipKimberly Faulk Witness SlipDownload
Jocelyn Spencer Rhynard TestimonyJocelyn Spencer Rhynard TestimonyDownload
Lisa Gray TestimonyLisa Gray TestimonyDownload
Larry Keough Witness FormLarry Keough Witness FormDownload
Kimberly Faulk TestimonyKimberly Faulk TestimonyDownload
Minutes 4.9.19Minutes 4.9.19Download
Amber Oxley TestimonyAmber Oxley TestimonyDownload
Andrea Caitlin (Breakthrough) TestimonyAndrea Caitlin (Breakthrough) TestimonyDownload
Larry Keough TestimonyLarry Keough TestimonyDownload
Immanuel Gainer (Breakthrough) TestimonyImmanuel GainerTestimonyDownload
Celeste Kamasa (Breakthrough) TestimonyCeleste Kamasa TestimonyDownload
Guy Parmigian TestimonyGuy Parmigian TestimonyDownload
Stephen Dyer Witness SlipStephen Dyer Witness SlipDownload
Lew Galante TestimonyLew Galante TestimonyDownload

April 09, 2019

General Submissions :
Howard Fleeter Witness SlipHoward Fleeter Witness SlipDownload
Jennifer Hogue TestimonyJennifer Hogue TestimonyDownload
Tom Ash Witness FormTom Ash Witness FormDownload
Tom Ash TestimonyTom Ash TestimonyDownload
Howard Fleeter Overview DocumentHoward Fleeter Overview DocumentDownload
Terry Armstrong Witness SlipTerry Armstrong Witness SlipDownload
William Phillis Witness SlipWilliam Phillis Witness SlipDownload
Minutes 4.8.19Minutes 4.8.19Download
Jennifer Hogue Witness SlipJennifer Hogue Witness SlipDownload
Greg Walker Testimony Greg Walker Testimony Download
Howard Fleeter TestimonyHoward Fleeter TestimonyDownload
Jim Rowan Witness SlipJim Rowan Witness SlipDownload
Tony Podojil TestimonyTony Podojil TestimonyDownload
Terry Armstrong TestimonyTerry Armstrong TestimonyDownload
Scott DiMauro Testimony Scott DiMauro Testimony Download
Tony Podojil Witness FormTony Podojil Witness FormDownload
Scott DiMauro Witness SlipScott DiMauro Witness SlipDownload
William Phillis Testimony William Phillis Testimony Download
Jim Rowan TestimonyJim Rowan TestimonyDownload

April 08, 2019

General Submissions :
Craig Burford Witness SlipCraig Burford Witness SlipDownload
Dan Grothause Witness SlipDan Grothause Witness SlipDownload
Philip Wagner TestimonyPhilip Wagner TestimonyDownload
Philip Wagner Witness SlipPhilip Wagner Witness SlipDownload
Chad Aldis TestimonyChad Aldis TestimonyTestimony, Download
Minutes 4.4.19Minutes 4.4.19Download
Jamie Williamson Witness Form Jamie Williamson Witness Form Download
Dan Grothause TestimonyDan Grothause TestimonyDownload
Craig Burford Testimony Craig Burford Testimony Download
Jamie Williamson Testimony Jamie Williamson Testimony Download

April 04, 2019

General Submissions :
Presentation from Jenni Logan and Michael BarnesPresentation from Jenni Logan and Michael BarnesDownload
Jenni Logan TestimonyJenni Logan TestimonyDownload
Michael Barnes TestimonyMichael Barnes TestimonyDownload
minutes from 2019-04-03minutes from 2019-04-03Download
ODE Academic Distress Commission DocumentODE Academic Distress Commission DocumentDownload
Testimony from Ohio Department of EducationTestimony from Ohio Department of EducationDownload

April 03, 2019

General Submissions :
Lauren Monowar-Jones Testimony, JEOC Lauren Monowar-Jones Testimony, JEOC Download
Pat McDonald Witness SlipPat McDonald WitnessDownload
Pat McDonald TestimontPat McDonald TestimonyDownload
Lauren Monowar-Jones Witness Slip, JEOC Lauren Monowar-Jones Witness Slip, JEOC Download

April 03, 2019

General Submissions :
Matt Schuler Witness SlipMatt Schuler Witness SlipDownload
minutes 2019-04-02minutes 2019-04-02Download
Dr. Maynus Testimony, School for the DeafDr. Maynus Testimony, School for the DeafDownload
Dr. Maynus Testimony, School for the BlindDr. Maynus Testimony, School for the BlindDownload
Matt Schuler TestimonyMatt Schuler TestimonyDownload
Dr. Maynus Witness SlipDr. Maynus Witness SlipDownload

April 02, 2019

General Submissions :
Jenny Logan, Michael Barnes PowerpointJenny Logan, Michael Barnes PowerpointDownload
Michael Barnes TestimonyMichael Barnes TestimonyDownload
Christopher Logsdon TestimonyChristopher Logsdon TestimonyDownload
Christopher Logsdon Witness SlipChristopher Logsdon Witness SlipDownload
Jenni Logan TestimonyJenni Logan TestimonyDownload

April 02, 2019

General Submissions :
Ronald Ross TestimonyRonald Ross TestimonyDownload
David Williamson TestimonyDavid Williamson TestimonyDownload
Ronald Ross Witness SlipRonald Ross Witness SlipDownload
Christopher Logsdon TestimonyChristopher Logsdon TestimonyDownload
minutes from 2019-03-27minutes from 2019-03-27Download
Gregg Thornton Witness SlipGregg Thornton Witness SlipDownload
Gregg Thornton TestimonyGregg Thornton TestimonyDownload
Christopher Logsdon Witness SlipChristopher Logsdon Witness SlipDownload

March 27, 2019

General Submissions :
Douglas Ute TestimonyDouglas Ute TestimonyDownload
Steve McAfee testimonySteve McAfee TestimonyDownload
minutes from 2019-03-25minutes from 2019-03-25Download
Distribution TestimonyDistribution TestimonyDownload
minutes from 2019-03-26minutes from 2019-03-26Download
Claudia Zaler TestimonyClaudia Zaler TestimonyDownload
Scot Prebles TestimonyScot Prebles TestimonyDownload
Jim Betts TestimonyJim Betts TestimonyDownload
Distribution PowerPoint PresentationDistribution PowerPoint PresentationDownload

March 26, 2019

General Submissions :
Kevin Lillie Written testimonyTransportation presentationDownload
Dalton Summers Written TestimonyTransportation PresentationDownload
Carrie Herringshaw TestimonyCareer Technical Education/STEM presentationDownload
Jim Betts ESC TestimonyEducation Service Center PresentationDownload
Cajon Keeton TestimonyTechnology Subgroup PresentationDownload
Jim Betts Charter School TestimonyCharter School PresentationDownload

March 25, 2019

General Submissions :
minutes from 2019-02-12minutes from 2019-02-12Download
District Base Cost ExampleDistrict Base Cost ExampleDownload
Fair School Funding ReportFair School Funding ReportDownload
Presentation From School Funding WorkgroupPresentation From School Funding WorkgroupDownload
Witness slip for Pendleton, Sobul, Logan, McWilliams WoodsWitness slip for Pendleton, Sobul, Logan, McWilliams WoodsDownload