May 02, 2019

General Submissions :
Sub House Bill 6 Fiscal NoteSub House Bill 6 Fiscal NoteDownload
Sub House Bill 6 TextSub House Bill 6 TextDownload
Sub House Bill 6 Comparative SynopsisSub House Bill 6 Comparative SynopsisDownload
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H. B. No. 64th HearingDownloadDownload

April 24, 2019

General Submissions :
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 63rd HearingDownloadDownload
 Rob Kelter  Environmental Law and Policy Center  OpponentDownload
 Judd Gregg  Advocacy Council member, Nuclear Matters coalition  Interested PartyDownload
 Alex Fischer  Columbus Partnership  Interested PartyDownload
 Michael Shellenberger  Environmental Progress  Interested PartyDownload
 Bill Siderewicz  Clean Energy Future  OpponentDownload
 Greg Lawson  The Buckeye Institute  Interested PartyDownload
 Patrick Baiocco  Ohio Independent Power Producers  OpponentDownload
 Derry Bigby  African American Environmentalist Association  Interested PartyDownload
 Zachary Frymier  Ohio Chamber of Commerce  Interested PartyDownload
 Michael Haugh  Ohio Consumer's Counsel  OpponentDownload
 Lauren Miller  Sol Systems  OpponentDownload
 Matt White  Interstate Gas Supply  Interested PartyDownload
 Eric Meyer  Generation Atomic  Interested PartyDownload
 Luke Harms  Ohio Manufacturer's Association  OpponentDownload
 David Wilhelm/ Anthony Logan  Hecate Energy LLC  Interested PartyDownload
 Holly Stacy  Seneca County  Interested PartyDownload
 Franco Lucarelli  City of Warren  OpponentDownload
 William Catlin  Lordstown Schools  Interested PartyDownload
 Arno Hill  City of Lordstown  OpponentDownload
 Luke Sulfridge  Solar United Neighbors  OpponentDownload
 Chris Allwein  Ohio Partners of Affordable Energy  Interested PartyDownload
 Micah Derry  Americans for Prosperity  OpponentDownload
 Bob Scott  Gavin Power LLC  OpponentDownload
 Michelle Lemaitre  Gavin Power LLC  OpponentDownload
 Jude Meyers  Gallia Local Schools  OpponentDownload
 Alan Smith  R Street  OpponentDownload
 Neil Waggoner  Sierra Club- Ohio Chapter  OpponentDownload
 Tom Bullock  City of Lakewood  OpponentDownload
 Dan Sawmiller  Natural Resource Defense Council  OpponentDownload
 Susan Munroe  Chamber for Innovation and Clean Energy  OpponentDownload
 Michael Beazly  City of Oregon  OpponentDownload
 Mark Johnson  Tri-State Building Trades  Interested PartyDownload
 Lee Blackburn   OpponentDownload
 Edward Hill PhD   OpponentDownload
 Ned Ford   OpponentDownload
 Paul Dvorak   OpponentDownload
 Patrick O'Connor   OpponentDownload
 Patrick O'Connor   OpponentDownload
 Tom Schock   OpponentDownload
 Tom Schock   OpponentDownload
 Bruce Burcat  Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Coalition  OpponentDownload
 Alliance for Energy Choice   OpponentDownload
 Annie Gilleo  ACEEE  OpponentDownload
 Connie Hammond   OpponentDownload
 Craig Foster  Energility  OpponentDownload
 David Gardiner  Alliance for Industrial Efficiency  OpponentDownload
 Dorsey Hager  Ohio Building Trades  Interested PartyDownload
 Ed Klco  North Perry Village  Interested PartyDownload
 Glenn Campbell   OpponentDownload
 Heather Cantino   OpponentDownload
 Irwin Lowenstein   OpponentDownload
 Jane Harf  Green Energy Ohio  OpponentDownload
 Jason Slattery  GEM Energy  OpponentDownload
 Jeff Snyder  Lincolnview Local Schools  OpponentDownload
 Jennifer Helfrich  Ceres  OpponentDownload
 Jerry Zielke  Paudling County Economic Development Corp.  OpponentDownload
 John Brim   OpponentDownload
 Judith Lagano  NRG Energy  OpponentDownload
 Kevin Kamps  Beyond Nuclear  OpponentDownload
 Larry Tscherne  IBEW Local 245  Interested PartyDownload
 Laura Jones  Leadership Ashtabula  Interested PartyDownload
 Lucas County Commissioners   OpponentDownload
 Mark Walter  Midwest Renewable Energy Coalition  OpponentDownload
 Matt Kuhns   OpponentDownload
 Michelle Timmons  Michele Timmons  OpponentDownload
 Mikayla Piper  Paulding Co. Chamber of Commerce  OpponentDownload
 Norman Robbins   OpponentDownload
 Randi Pokladnik   OpponentDownload
 Rick Turner  Vantage Career Center  OpponentDownload
 Timothy Judson  Nuclear Information and Resource Service  OpponentDownload
 Timothy Judson  Nuclear Information and Resource Service  OpponentDownload
 Timothy Judson  Nuclear Information and Resource Service  OpponentDownload
 Tom Evans   OpponentDownload
 William Hardie  Cincinnati Children's Hospital  OpponentDownload
 William Murdock  Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission  OpponentDownload
 Janine Ostrander   OpponentDownload
 Tom Raga  Dayton Power and Lights  Interested PartyDownload
 Terrence O'Donnell  Dickinson-Wright  OpponentDownload
 Steve Arabia  Lightstone Generation  OpponentDownload
 Rachael Estes  APEX Clean Energy  OpponentDownload
 Tim Wagner   OpponentDownload
 Carolyn Harding   OpponentDownload
 Amy Spiller  Duke Energy  Interested PartyDownload
 David Cruz   OpponentDownload
 Lynn Friedman   OpponentDownload
 Dave Simons   OpponentDownload
 Kevin Schmidt  Energy Professionals of Ohio  OpponentDownload

April 23, 2019

General Submissions :
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 62nd HearingDownloadDownload
 Tom Froehle  American Electric Power  Interested PartyDownload
 Joe DeMare  Ohio Green Party  OpponentDownload
 Joe DeMare  Ohio Green Party  OpponentDownload
 Josh Unruh  Vernon, VT  Interested PartyDownload
 Andrew Gohn  American Wind Energy Association  OpponentDownload
 Kevin Murray  Industrial Energy Users  Interested PartyDownload
 Frank Szollosi  National Wildlife Federation  OpponentDownload
 Cathy Bergman  Benton Carrol Salem Schools  OpponentDownload
 Mike Volpe  Open Road Renewables  OpponentDownload
 David Little  Innergex Renewables  OpponentDownload
 Becky Campbell  First Solar  OpponentDownload
 Kaley Bangston  Invenergy LLC  OpponentDownload
 Tyler Duvelius  Ohio Conservative Energy Forum  OpponentDownload
 Erin Bowser  EDP Renewables  OpponentDownload
 Trish Demeter  Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund  OpponentDownload
 John Finnigan  Environmental Defense Fund  OpponentDownload
 Todd Snitchler  American Petroleum Institute  OpponentDownload
 Rachael Belz  Ohio Consumers Power Alliance  OpponentDownload
 Nick Hromalik  Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance  Interested PartyDownload
 Leo Almeida  The Nature Conservancy  OpponentDownload
 Patricia Marida  Ohio Sierra Club Nuclear Free Committee  OpponentDownload
 Ted Ford  Ohio Advanced Energy Economy  OpponentDownload
 Gary Swanson   Energy Management Solutions  OpponentDownload
 Melissa English  Ohio Citizen Action  OpponentDownload
 Ariel Miller   OpponentDownload
 Anastazia Vanisko   OpponentDownload
 Daniel Billick   OpponentDownload
 David Greene   OpponentDownload
 Kaya Sittinger   OpponentDownload
 Michael Steere   OpponentDownload
 Hannah Spring   OpponentDownload
 Frida Etchell   OpponentDownload
 Mercy Hamerly   OpponentDownload
 Sydney Downs   OpponentDownload
 Bradley Holmes   OpponentDownload

April 17, 2019

General Submissions :
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 61st HearingDownloadDownload
 Ilene Shapiro  Summit County  ProponentDownload
 Dave Griffing  FirstEnergy Solutions  ProponentDownload
 Dean Murphy  Brattle Group  ProponentDownload
 Maria Korsnic  Nuclear Energy Institute  ProponentDownload
 Jerry Cirino  Lake County  ProponentDownload
 Michael Joyce  Orrvilon Inc.   ProponentDownload
 Terry Joyce  Laborer's Local 310  ProponentDownload
 Jamie Beier Grant  Ottawa County Improvement Corporation  ProponentDownload
 Cajon Keeton  Bennett Carroll Salem School District  ProponentDownload
 Vince Campise  Buckeye Power Sales  ProponentDownload
 Dan Horrigan  City of Akron  ProponentDownload

March 26, 2019

General Submissions :
Alan Johnson, Quasar, Biomass GenerationAlan Johnson, Quasar, Biomass GenerationDownload
Dr. Paul Turner, Hecate, Utility Solar GenerationDr. Paul Turner, Hecate, Utility Solar GenerationDownload
Dave Griffing, FES, Nuclear GenerationDave Griffing, FES, Nuclear GenerationDownload

March 19, 2019

General Submissions :
PeterRigney_OregonCleanEnergyCenter_Natural GasPeterRigney_OregonCleanEnergyCenter_Natural GasDownload

March 12, 2019

General Submissions :
Witness Brett Amheiser Vistra CoalWitness Brett Amheiser Vistra CoalDownload
Witness Terrence O'DonnellWitness Terrence O'DonnellDownload
Testimony Dayna TerrenceTestimony Dayna TerrenceDownload
Generation Committee RulesGeneration Committee RulesDownload
Witness Dayna Baird PayneWitness Dayna Baird PayneDownload
Testimony Brett Amheiser Vistra CoalTestimony Brett Amheiser Vistra CoalDownload

February 12, 2019

General Submissions :